First EZ Air Pilots Starts Saab Simulator Training in Miami

The participants to the Ground School training received a certificate from EZ Air’s VP Sueyenna Dammerman, before departing to Miami for Simulator Training on Sunday afternoon. Photo: EZ Air.

Kralendijk- The first flight crew for EZ Air, which will be piloting the bigger Saab340 airplanes for the local carrier have, left on Sunday for a simulator training which will shortly start in Miami, Florida.

The four participants to the Simulator Training first had to attend Ground School training for the new plane. They all passed with flying colors, after which they boarded the American Airlines to Miami to start with the Simulator part of the training.

Cabin Crew

The flight crew was preceded by a group of Cabin Crew trainers, who completed their training earlier this month. All training and other preparations are part of the preparations to incorporate the bigger 34-seater aircraft in EZ Air’s current operations.

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