First Free Water Fountain Unveiled in Rincon

KRALENDIJK – On Tuesday afternoon, Commissioner Nina Francees-den Heyer unveiled the first water fountain at the San Luis Bertran College in Rincon.

Three more schools will follow with the installation of the drinking point. “Today, we are inaugurating the first water fountain. It is very important that we have good water and that we drink plenty of it. Water must be accessible for our children. We also want to promote reusable water bottles,” says Den Heyer.

The water fountains are part of a broader project to promote water consumption among young people. “Today, we are also launching a campaign to encourage young people, in particular, to drink more water. Although it may seem obvious, it is especially important to emphasize the message to children that water is good and healthy,” explains Sharin Loozen-Janga from Public Health.

Always Accessible

The new drinking point will be accessible 24 hours a day for anyone who wishes to use these. 

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