First responders Bonaire get Spanish language course

Three  of the forces behind the Spanish course, Ina Garetssen, Renate Haze and Sjanarda Inacio | Photo OLB.

KRALENDIJK- A group of about 40 employees from the assistance chain will follow weekly Spanish lessons from September 5 to better communicate with Spanish-speaking residents.

The group of care providers consists of employees of Sentro Akseso Boneiru, Zorg en Jeugd CN, Practice Support General Practitioners, ZW-Groep, the Guardianship Council, KPCN (police) and women’s shelter Tabitha of the Krusada Foundation. Taking the Spanish lessons was a wish of employees from the assistance chain and is organized by the public body Bonaire.

The Spanish lessons for social workers are an important part of the Administrative Agreement ‘Approach Domestic Violence and Child Abuse CN’ that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the public bodies have signed. One of the basic principles of the administrative agreement with VWS is the improvement of services and expertise within the assistance chain. By communicating better in Spanish, social workers can provide better services to Spanish-speaking residents.


The group of care providers is divided into 3 beginner groups and 1 advanced group. The course is concluded with a test in December.

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