Flamingo Airport Bonaire celebrates 79th anniversary

Minister Harbers (r) and BIA director Maarten van der Scheer (m) listen to the speech of Commissioner Clark Abraham (l). Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Monday, the airport of Bonaire celebrated its birthday in a festive manner. The airport is officially 79 years old, although its history actually began several years earlier with the construction of the first runway at the old location near Subi Blanku.

Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) also attended the official celebration. In his speech, Harbers said that the island has an airport to be proud of, but having an airport also comes with responsibilities. Together with airport director Maarten van der Scheer, the minister inspected the airport’s runway lighting on Monday, which will require significant investment in the coming years.

During his speech, Van der Scheer thanked the airport’s employees. “They make it all happen.” Both Minister Harbers and Van der Scheer referred to various projects to gradually improve the facilities at the airport. Van der Scheer also expressed positivity about the healthy growth in the number of passengers in recent times.


Commissioner Clark Abraham also congratulated the airport on its milestone and thanked Minister Harbers for his presence. “You must promise to come back next year for the celebration of the 80th anniversary,” Abraham said.

Although Harbers is now a minister in a caretaker government, Abraham did not rule out the possibility that the minister would still be in office in 2025. “You never know with Dutch politics,” joked Abraham, adding that Executive Councils on the island change more frequently than Dutch cabinets.

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