Flamingo Airport implements Airlink-system

Flamingo Airport implements Airlink-system

KRALENDIJK- Over the past two weeks, a training has taken place at Bonaire Airport in the use of the Airlink-system. Although the airport’s Operations Department is already working with the program for nearly a year, the rest of the airport has now migrated to the new Database Management System.

“Obviously it was the ideal opportunity to join Operations to see how they are using our product. I gave some tips here and there, but I was also able to learn a lot from the customer’s perspective,” says trainer Rody Boef.


AirLink is an Airport Operational Database (AODB) Management System that helps airports operate more efficiently. Among other things, it provides common, accurate information to all partners working together at the airport.

The system was developed by the company Adecs Airinfra from the Netherlands, which specializes in IT systems for airports.

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