Flamingo Airport opens new terrace departure hall

KRALENDIJK- On Wednesday afternoon Bonaire International Airport (BIA) officially opened the new terrace at the departure hall, with the cutting of the ribbon by Lieutenant Governor Rijna, Commissioner Thielman and Mr. Van der Scheer, CEO of BIA. 

“For many Bonaire residents, Flamingo Airport is a gateway to the region and the rest of the world. In addition, it is an important place for visitors to our island where their stay begins and ends. That is why we want to offer all these passengers a pleasant experience,” says Van der Scheer.

“The Executive Council aims to improve Bonaire’s competitive position. Improving sea and air connections is essential for this,” said Commissioner Thielman. “Upgrading the visitor experience helps improve the tourism product.” Commissioner Thielman announced that he is in an advanced state with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for the renovation of the platforms and the modernization and expansion of the current terminal.


The new terrace is part of a series of adjustments and extensions to the terminal that have been realized in recent years, including the new area for security control, the new shops and a new operational centre for the Airport Duty Officers team. The terrace offers departing passengers an attractive outdoor waiting area with a bar. The decor with plants, wood, modern furniture and attractive lighting provides a beautiful appearance that matches the island. It has been in use for some time, but was only recently completed in its entirety.

After a blessing by Pastor Santiago, Van der Scheer explained in his speech that the improvements make a major contribution to the passenger experience. He also said that more improvements are coming in the near future, such as the previously announced canopy for arriving passengers, a lift on the platform and a larger baggage belt in the arrivals hall.


“We are very grateful to all our partners for the good cooperation, especially the Public Entity Bonaire, our suppliers and the users of the airport. We want to celebrate this milestone as a token of appreciation to everyone who made this possible. And it is an opportunity for us to share what we are doing to continuously improve Flamingo Airport,” says Van der Scheer. Commissioner Thielman was delighted with this opportunity and looks forward to an intensive collaboration to usher in a new era for Flamingo Airport.

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