Flamingo Airport will finally start enforcing parking policy

A Kmar officer at Flamingo Airport. Photo: RCN

KRALENDIJK- The Royal Marechaussee (KMar), in collaboration with Bonaire International Airport (BIA), is finally going to start enforcing the airport’s parking policy. Incorrectly parked vehicles are an increasing problem on the airport grounds. 

The KMar will therefore assist in enforcement, issuing fines to drivers who violate the applicable parking rules.

In recent weeks, the Kmar in collaboration with BIA has issued warnings to drivers of improperly parked vehicles. Recently, the airport has also installed new signage to clarify where parking is possible and allowed. 

However, it still often happens that motorists park a vehicle in the ‘kiss and ride’ lane, which is meant to quickly and easily drop off and pick up passengers. Visitors also regularly park on the drive- and taxi lanes. 

Parking areas

This unnecessarily obstructs other traffic. Parking on the airport grounds is only allowed in the designated areas, namely P1 (short-term parking) or P3 (long-term parking). Bonaire International Airport and the Royal Marechuassee request everyone to pay close attention to the signs and follow the parking rules at the airport.

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