Former council-man denounces lack of transparency in Bonaire’s Executive Council

The former councilman is not very positive about the Government formed by MPB and UPB

KRALENDIJK- Former island councilor for the Partido Democrátiko Boneriano (PDB) Michael Pieters, denounces what he describes as the total lack of transparency within the executive council, which is formed by the MPB and the UPB.

Pieters comes to his statement after the Government coalition vote  to three reports, including the report about the failed roundabout on the Kaya Amsterdam, completely confidential.

“There are now three reports on the table, which can show what went wrong, including at BonLab, at the Roundabout and at the Sunset Beach Resort,” says Pieters. The three reports were presented confidentially to the entire island council, but the coalition parties subsequently decided that the reports would not be made public because they contained sensitive information.


“I would think that ExCo is hiding a lot if it knowingly prevents the disclosure of these reports,” says Pieters.

Pieters also says that he hopes that citizens will take into account the lack of transparency of the current government parties in the upcoming elections. “In any case, I think it is an executive council without direction, without a good plan that was pursued and a BC that has thrown away an enormous amount of money,” said the former councilman.

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