Former State Secretary Nora-Sneek Gibbs passes away

Nora Sneek-Gibbs (m) together with members of CDA Statia during a work visit to The Netherlands. Photo: CDA Statia

ORANJESTAD- The community of St. Eustatius on Monday was saddened by the news of the unexpected passing away of former State Secretary and former Commissioner Nora Sneek-Gibbs, wife of Island Council Member, Koos Sneek. 

While Nora Sneek was already recovering from a health crisis a relatively short period ago, at the time there was hope for her making a recovery. However, on Monday Sneek-Gibbs passed away after different complicating factor. 

Sneek-Gibbs has been active in Statia Politics for a very long time, as member of the DP-party. She was also active on other fronts, such as in the formation of DP-Statia party members. As of late, she provide guidance to the CDA-Statia party. 

Sneek-Gibbs held the position of State Secretary of Constitutional Affairs between the year 1004 and 1997 in the second Pourier-Cabinet. 


Many on the island expressed shock after the news of Sneek-Gibbs passing. Sneek-Gibbs was a very active, well regarded and respected member of the Society. Apart from her work in the political arena, she was also active -among others- in St. Eustatius Historical Foundation, as director of Norako NV and the Lion’s Club on the island.

The BES-Reporter extends condolences to family and loved ones of Sneek-Gibbs and especially her husband, Council Member Koos Sneek. 

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