Foundation for Educational Support founded in Bonaire

From left to right: Dennis Martinus, Lydia Emerencia and Edith Straus Marsera at the office of Notary Schouten

Kralendijk- The Stichting Educatieve Ondersteuning Bonaire (Foundation for Educational Support Bonaire) has been incorporated yesterday, December 13, 2016 at the office of Notary Aniek Schouten. The persons behind the new foundation are 3 well-know persons in Bonaire: Edith Strauss Marsera, Lydia Emerencia and Dennis Martinus. The idea beind the foundation is to provide educational support to children and young people so that they can successfully complete their current and future school career. A report by UNICEF from 2012 concluded that children and young people on Bonaire are in a ‘very difficult’ and even ‘precarious situation’. Educational Support, according to the founders, will lead to better opportunities in the field of study, training and employment. Straus Marsera, Emerencia and Martinus also believe that this will ultimately lead to an increased general welfare and well-being in life. The Foundation want to help youngsters to discover talents and to develop, increase aspirations, improve school performance and reduce school dropout.

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