Four homes of elderly people received help from the volunteers during BONDOET last Saturday

KRALENDIJK – The buddy project Kompañá nos Grandinan, which was started over a year ago by Hòfi Kultural, was one of the first projects to register with BONDOET.

The requested 40 volunteers soon registered to do jobs at 4 homes of vulnerable elderly people. Last Saturday, March 12, these volunteers were busy working in the full sun to refurbish and refresh the gardens and the homes of the elderly!

But that was not without a struggle

The project had to take care of the financing itself. No financial support could be given from the Oranjefonds and BONDOET, because it concerned private individuals and did not “concern a common goal”. Understandable in itself, but it was a major setback for the project.

But then something beautiful happened

Help was offered from all sides. Companies and individuals who notices this, wanted to help. With money or with materials. From lots of gallons of paint to baking pasteichi’s. From fresh fruit to the purchase of a front door. Savings were donated, neighbors handed in an envelope with money. Bonaire gave generously!

And so the Kompañá nos Grandinan project at BONDOET could still go ahead and get the jobs done as planned. The front door has been installed, the room and outer walls have been painted, the elderly lady from North Saliña can walk around her house again and so on.

Hòfi Kultural wants to thank all sponsors: Asecom, Delta Security Bonaire, Jacobs Architekten, Kiteboarding Bonaire, Moana Surfshop, Supermarket Warehouse Bonaire and all other companies and individuals who prefer to remain anonymous.

Also interested in the buddy project Kompañá nos Grandinan and you have an hour a week to keep an older person company? Or do you know an elderly person who needs attention and who will benefit from a visit? Please contact Hòfi Kultural and call Mieneke van Rossem, 7864233

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