Freewinds Volunteer Ministers Sanitize Aruba Police Stations

The Freewinds Volunteer Ministers seen entering the San Nicolas Police Station. Photo: Freewinds

Oranjestad, Aruba- The volunteer Ministers from the Freewinds, have been of great assistance to the community of Aruba, during the battle against Covid-19.

Earlier the volunteers were already instrumental with the sanatization of the Aruba Airport, schools and medical facilities.

Over the past week the volunteers once again came into action, this time at the Police stations of the Korps Politie Aruba (KPA).

“No matter what the threat is, the police are expected to be on duty to protect the citizens of Aruba.  While others can stay home to stay safe the police must be out on the front lines regardless of the situation”, said Freewinds in a press statement.


According to the Freewinds team, his is why the Volunteer Ministers of the Freewinds are lending a hand to the police to keep them safe and on the job by carrying out sanitation of Police stations along with providing information on who to stay safe from illness.

Errol Zebeda, Head of Operational Management said he was very thankful for the work the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers are doing not only for the Police corps, but the entire island as well.  “Thank you very much for the work you are doing. The videos are excellent. We can use this information.  I will pass it along”, he said, refering to the prevention videos distributed by Freewinds.


Freewinds has made a lot of information available on prevention against Covid. Information on how you can protect yourself and others, how you can keep your home and place of work safe visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at

Through the link Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge.  An interesting aspect is that the materials are available in not only Spanish, Dutch, English, but also in an additional 18 languages.

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