FuHiKiBo receives Prince Bernard Culture prize 2023

Bòi Antoin accepting the price on behalf of the FuHiKuBo foundation. Photo: PBCCG

KRALENDIJK – Last week, during a ceremony at Mangazina di Rei on Bonaire, the culture award for 2023 from the Prince Bernard Culture Fund Caribbean Region (PBCCG) was presented to the Fundashon Históriko Kultural Boneriano – FuHiKuBo.

FuHiKuBo received the prize for their valuable contribution to the preservation, promotion, and documentation of Bonaire’s cultural, natural, and historical heritage.

The award, in the shape of an egg with tendrils, symbolizes the birth of art and represents music and other art forms emerging explosively from the egg.

The prize was presented by Valeska Richards, the treasurer of PBCCG, to the founder of FuHiKuBo, Mr. Bòi Antoin, and other attendees, including the director of PBC Netherlands, Cathelijne Broers.

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