Fundashon Parke Nacional Aruba presents new Corporate Strategy

Natasha Sylva of FPNA gave an overview of planned developments at the Nature Organization. Photo: DCNA

ORANJESTAD- Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA) has recently highlighted their successes and struggles of 2021 and gave a brief preview of their Multi-Annual Corporate Strategy 2022-2031.

The overview was presented during the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) board meeting held in St. Maarten. 

Amidst the world economic crisis in 2021, FPNA focused on surviving financially, which led to cuts in its operational budget and a down-sizing of the organization by 32%. For the near future, FPNA wants to grow from a park management organization to a conservation management organization. 

To facilitate this transitioning, FPNA created the first Multi-Annual Corporate Strategy 2022-2031 to increase effectiveness and efficiency for conservation, and a Sustainable Financing Plan 2022-2025 to diversify the income streams and become less dependent on park visitation and government subsidies.      

Working Together

For a sustainable future, with a thriving biodiversity and resilient ecosystems, within the Dutch Caribbean, it is crucial for all protected area management organization to re-evaluate their contribution to nature conservation. 

As FPNA is leading in this process, it can serve as an example on how to create a long-term strategic planning to reach effective and efficient conservation. The long-term planning will facilitate the collaboration through the DCNA, and for DCNA to strategically provide the necessary technical support, foster knowledge exchange within the alliance, and effectively raise funds for the different collaborations between the nature conservation organizations. 

“Working together, each island can learn from the others, maximizing their successes and learning from the more challenging experiences”, according to a press statement from FPNA.

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