Funding approved to assist needy persons on Saba

PHOTO CAPTION: Commissioner Rolando Wilson

The Bottom, Saba – Three organizations on Saba have received funding to assist vulnerable, needy persons during the COVID-19 crisis, Commissioner Rolando Wilson of Social Domain proudly announced on Tuesday.

The Public Entity Saba, through the Department of Community Development, has approved the request of financial assistance for three local organizations. The Sacred Heart School (SHS) and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) received funds on October 9, while funds were also disbursed to the Saba Lions Club.

The schools are using the funds to distribute meals and school necessities to underprivileged students who are in need of some extra support during this time of crisis. “The happiness, wellbeing and good performance of the students is important to the Public Entity. A positive, successful collaboration with the schools is our priority,” stated Wilson.

The Saba Lions Club also received funds to assist with the yearly food baskets for needy persons. Commissioner Wilson thanked the staff of the Department of Community Development for their dedicated work, time and efforts to serving the community, and in particular for preparing this particular project.

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