St. Eustatius

Fusion between QBMC and Auxiliary Home crucial to improve basic health care provision St. Eustatius

State Secretary Van Ooijen says administrative processes are holding up the provision of a considerable financial boost for QBMC

THE HAGUE/ORANJESTAD – According to State Secretary Maarten van Ooijen the fusion of the Queen Beatrix Medical Centre (QBMC) and the Auxiliary home is an important condition to move forward to strengthen the quality of healthcare on St. Eustatius. 

Van Ooijen made his comments in Dutch Parliament during a debate on issues with Air Ambulance flights from Bonaire. Judith Thielen from the VVD told the State Secretary that many things in the health care on the BES-island are still not in order, among which the provision of basic healthcare on St. Eustatius. “I would like to ask the State Secretary when concrete steps will be put to assure that basic health care on for instance St. Eustatius will be elevated to an acceptable level?” asked Thielen. 

Van Ooijen first said that the discussion about the situation on Bonaire was really different from the challenges on St. Eustatius. “On St. Eustatius there is a sum of money ready to be invested to give the hospital there a considerable boost”, said Van Ooijen. 


Van Ooijen said he was also concerned about the situation with Health Care on St. Eustatius. “However, it is also imperative that some administrative matters are resolved, in order to move forward. Such as the fusion or at least the cooperation between the Hospital and the Auxiliairy home, which is crucial in order to get to a better functioning of the hospital. But I can assure you that the money is there, to provide this boost the hospital there”, said Van Ooijen in conclusion. 

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