FXDC Increases Postal Fares in 2020

FXDC has announced an increase in fares, but hasn’t communicated how much they will go up

Kralendijk- Postal Concessionaire for the BES-islands, FXDC, has announced that as of January 1, 2020, the rates for sending letters or packages will go up.

FXDC points out that fares have not bee adapted since the year 2014, but that their costs have gone up. The postal organization also points to the fact that less and less letters are being mailed.

“Although we have tried to earn more from other sources of income, such as e-commerce, this has not compensated for the drop in income from letters”, according to FXDC.

Struggling postal organizations are nothing new. In Sint Maarten the Post Office has great difficulty in making ends meet, while C-Post in Curaçao has been sustaining considerable losses for years, without being able to effectively stem the hemorrhaging because of the dwindling postal traffic.


There has, from the moment FXDC took over, always been complaints about the speed -or better said the lack thereof- with which letters are being delivered. FXDC has however pointed out that they are being confronted with several hurdles when it comes to receiving or sending out mail from especially Flamingo Airport and that they are not to blame for the tardiness in mail delivery.

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