Bonaire General Medical practice of GP Hermelijn will have a new Practitioner

Kralendijk – On October 14th , 2020 GP Hermelijn unfortunately passed away. He was much loved among his patients and fulfilled an important role in the cooperation within the general medical care on Bonaire. Since his demise there has no longer been a practitioner for this medical practice. As a temporary solution the Ministry of VWS has consequently hired GP Eijsenga in recent months as locum GP so that patients could call upon him with care questions. He did this together with GP assistant Harriet Gombert and the other employees of the medical practice. As a result all patients could receive the care that they needed.

For a structural solution it is important that another GP takes over the medical practice. Namely, it is important that the care to the patients is also organised well for the future. That is why the Ministry of VWS has been looking for a new GP who can take over the medical practice. Meanwhile, GP Eijsenga has informed that he can continue the medical practice from December 14th . He will settle permanently on Bonaire and will thus become the new practitioner of the general medical practice.

What does this mean to the patients?

Due to the acute situation, a swift takeover of the medical practice by GP Eijsenga is facilitated. All patients who previously received care from the general medical practice of GP Hermelijn are automatically registered with the new general medical practice of GP Eijsenga. The patients do not need to do anything for this. For the sake of the continuity and quality of the care in case of a medical practice takeover, all files are by default transferred to the new practitioner. GP Eijsenga will consequently take over the medical files of the patients.

New location of general medical practice Eijsenga

The general medical practice of GP Eijsenga will be at a new location. Namely, the medical practice will merge with the medical practice of GP Miranda. The address of the new general medical practice Eijsenga is: Kaya Monseigneur Niewindt 3. The medical practice of GP Eijsenga can be reached on telephone number 770 8884.  

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