Go-fund-me initiative should help buy big Shredder for local compost production Bonaire

Van Blerk at a still modest compost heap. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Tera Barra, which is committed to more greenery on the island through the cultivation and planting of mainly local plants and trees, is very keen to produce more compost on the island.

The initiator behind the project, Johan van Blerk, is very enthusiastic about the idea. “A large shredder is going to make so much difference when it comes to composting on the island. And compost is instrumental in growing trees and plants.”

Volunteer Rob Verstraten started a fundraising campaign to raise more money for the project. I initiated a Gofundme campaign to help Johan and Tera Barra purchase this shredder. Johan pays for almost everything from his own saw, in addition to the sale of the honey that local bees produce,” Verstraten says about his action.

Van Blerk is very happy with the promotion: “It is certainly not cheap, but it is a very important device”. Van Blerk also receives help for the local compost production from the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, which delivers a large amount of donkey manure every so often. “Very good for making good compost”, says Van Blerk.

The price tag for the second hand machine is about 50% of the new price of 40.000 dollars. Photo: Tera Barra. 

Trickling in

The money for the shredder has so been trickling in, but the original goal of Verbaten is still far off. On Sunday, the counter stands at nearly 4,000 dollars, still a long way from the final goal of $20,000. In that sense, the project can really still uses some contributors, to help realize Van Blerk’s dream.

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