Government Bonaire will only report COVID-19 figures once a week

KRALENDIJK – The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) will only publish the number of COVID-19 infections once a week from March 14.

Every Monday Government will report the figures for the week before. Starting this week the infection figures are no longer published daily. this week’s overview will be announced next week. On Bonaire, the number of infections with the corona virus has fallen sharply. With low numbers, a weekly overview provides a better picture of the infections, the Public Health Department says.

Due to the low number of infections, all corona measures have been in place since March 4, 2022 abolished. In this new phase it remains important to follow the basic rules.

Government notes however, that it is still important to wash your hands regularly. When coughing or sneezing the mouth or nose should be covered with the inside of the elbow. It is also possible to use a paper handkerchief and remove this immediately after use to throw away. Indoor spaces and offices where people gather must be well ventilated.


The Public Entity notes that at this time it is important to take extra account of vulnerable people, such as the elderly and other people who have serious medical problems. When vulnerable people become infected with the coronavirus, they can become very ill. Visitors of vulnerable people should do a self-test before visiting. It is also wise to wear a mouth cap during the visit.

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