Government of Curaçao Seeks to Strip Former Governor Jaime Saleh of Honorary Title

WILLEMSTAD – The government of Curaçao has requested former governor of the Netherlands Antilles, Mr. Jaime Saleh, to relinquish his honorary title as ‘Minister of State.’

The request from the Pisas government comes in the wake of the recent uproar surrounding the scandal related to the Ennia insurance company. According to investigations by entities including the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten, shareholder Hushang Ansary transferred substantial sums of money to his other foreign enterprises, resulting in potential discounts of up to 80% for policyholders, including retirees who had pension insurance with the company, due to a lack of financial coverage.

Saleh was one of the commissioners of the insurance company during the period when these withdrawals occurred, and he received substantial compensation during that time. In a letter dated September 14, 2023, Pisas highlights the societal unrest stemming from the Ennia situation and the role played by Saleh and other commissioners. Pisas states in the letter that, given the circumstances, it is ‘impossible’ to allow Saleh to retain the honorary title.

The letter gives Saleh until the end of September 2023 to voluntarily relinquish the title, and if he fails to do so, the parliament of Curaçao will take steps to revoke it.


Jaime Saleh is a member of a dynasty of officials with roots in Bonaire. The former Governor is the brother of former lieutenant governor of Bonaire, Reymundo Saleh, and the uncle of MPB politician Orphaline Saleh.

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