Government takes measures against aggressive dogs

Government takes measures against aggressive dogs

KRALENDIJK – The Police Force Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) says it has taken measures against aggressive dogs in the Lagoen district. On December 15, an 86-year-old man was attacked by 11 stray pit bulls in Lagoen Hill. He sustained serious bite wounds from the attack. The dogs came out of their yard and entered the man’s yard where they had attacked him.

As a result of the incident, KPCN drew up a report with the request to the Island Governor to designate these dogs as dangerous, in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Bonaire Dog Ordinance 1997, and to inform the owner of this by means of a letter. set.

This letter was issued to the owner of the dogs, including the requirements to have his dogs on a leash on public roads and to provide them with a muzzle. His boundary must also be such that his dogs can no longer leave their yard. This letter is the Lieutenant Governor’s last warning. After this, the police has the authority of the lieutenant governor to have the dogs put to sleep if the requirements set in the letter are not complied with.


There are daily reports of aggressive stray dogs. The frequency and severity of these reports vary . This concerns reports of, among other things, dogs that bite goats and chickens to death with financial consequences for livestock farmers, but also dogs that attack drivers of bicycles / scooters and thereby cause life-threatening situations in traffic. The number of incidents in which people are actually bitten and have to undergo medical treatment is increasing.

The KPCN once again reminds dog owners that honing should keep in the yard by means of a good fence where the dogs cannot go outside and/or by securing the dog to prevent this type of situation.

The KPCN also points out that dogs need education and training. “There are facilities for this on the island. As the owner, you are responsible for the behavior and training of your dog. 

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