Governor Oleana also reflects on challenges during Dia di Boneiru Speech

KRALENDIJK – Governor Reynold Oleana, during his speech at the celebration of Bonaire Day, not only reflected on the blessings of the island but also spoke about some of the challenges it faces.

Oleana’s remarks were in line with previous comments he made as part of the so-called Justice Triangle, along with the Public Prosecutor and the head of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN).

While Oleana mentioned that only 15% of the island is inhabited, it has become noticeably busier in recent years, bringing about various challenges. “Not only is there more traffic, but there are also more accidents, more people, and a greater housing shortage. There are more children and a greater need for schools,” the governor noted.

Tranquility and Safety

In his speech, the first citizen also referred to a report that was written more than thirty years ago, advocating for the island’s development while preserving its culture and nature. “Over thirty years later, I would like to add ‘tranquility’ and ‘safety’ to the preservation of culture and nature,” Oleana said.

The governor also listed various rights that all citizens on the island should have, regardless of their origin. According to Oleana, these rights include access to healthcare and education, receiving accurate information from government agencies, housing, electricity, water, internet, freedom of speech, the ability to choose one’s partner, and being treated with respect.


After enumerating the rights of all citizens, Governor Oleana made a concrete appeal to citizens to contribute to achieving all of these goals by working together as a community.

“Together, we form a community. Let us collectively work towards these goals. I wish everyone a happy Bonaire Day!”

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