Gradual adjustment in Covid-measures

Gradual adjustment in Covid-measures

KRALENDIJK- The Government of Bonaire has announced some new measures to help curb de growth of Covid-19 infections on the island, now that the total number of active cases has surpassed the number of 200. 

While Governor Rijna described the situation as ‘serious’ and ‘worrisome’, the new measures are relatively mild. One of the biggest changes is the requirement to start wearing face masks in all public buildings, such as Government buildings. While the face mask will not be obligatory at supermarkets, Government will sit together with the supermarket to encourage stricter policies for admitting shoppers into the supermarkets. 

“If we want to stop the further spread of the virus, we have to take measures. We can stop the spread if we reduce the number of contacts between people. That is why I have decided to take some measures. These will come into effect on Saturday 27 November and will apply until Monday 3 January”, said Rijna. The Governoor also stress that measures could be tightened or relaxed, based on developments in the weeks to come. 

Work and schools

The Governor also said he made an urgent request to employers to permit their staff work from, where this is possible. The Governor also pointed to the many infections at schools. “There are many infections in schools. Schools are doing their best to keep the number of infections as low as possible. For example, they work with fixed groups in the classroom and avoid contact between teachers and parents as much as possible. There is also regular ventilation in the classroom”.

Together with the schools, it has been decided to make December 17 the last day of school this year.


The Governor also made an appeal on people to receive no more than 10 visitors at the same time at home, and to preferably sit outside. Rijna said he understood very well that the new measures would mean some sacrifices, but also warned that much stricter measures may become necessary if the current outbreak is not contained. 

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