Gyms on Bonaire can Reopen starting May 6, 2020

Gyms, like Bon Bida, are allowed to open starting Wednesday, May 6th. The will need to implement certain preventive measures. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Gym and other sport locations will be allowed to open back to the public starting May 6th, 2020. This was communicated by Island Governor Edison Rijna and deputy Governor Curvin George in their bi-weekly press conference.

The permission to reopen sport facilities does come with some restrictions. At no point can more than 50 people be inside a sport facility. Contact sports are still off-limits and gyms and other facilities should implement strict measures of hygiene.

The social-distance rule of 1.5 meter of personal space in all facilities should also be maintained, according to the details provided by George.

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