Harbour Village Presents Solution for Flooding Kaya Gobernador Debrot

The current situation is not only a drag for motorists, but creates dangerous situations. Photo: ABC Online Media

Kralendijk- Harbour Village Resort is concerned about the situation around the resort and the Harbour Village Marina. The Resort has, in the meantime, presented ideas for a structural solution to the Government of Bonaire.

Throughout the years the road between the Marina and the Salina de Vlijt has been sinking and today’s high tides are higher than ever overcoming the drainage culverts and requiring the road to be to elevate higher than the Mean High tide.

“The problem has been ignored for too long, and although the current dirt road “detour” built by the Government on HV Property was done with the best of intention to solve a problem, it has turn out into a muddy and slippery road, and when dry it creates a lot of dust pollution to the Marina and the resorts downwind”, according to Harbour Village.

Situation sketch developed by Harbour Village. Illustration: Harbour Village

Long term solution

Harbour Village says they would like to work closely with Government and provide as a contribution to the Island Territory of Bonaire a long term solution, that not only will resolve the current road problems, but will also address the storm water drainage of Antriol basin for the  benefit for the environment and the Island reef.  

Harbour Village envisions having seperate walkways for pedestrians and a bike lane. Illustration: Harbour Village.

“In addition, the proposed solution includes proper pedestrian sidewalks, bike lane and landscaping to enhance the distressed look of the area, for the benefit of all residents and visitors”, says Harbour Village in a statement to ABC Online Media.

Today the Boulevard Debrot is a main artery of the Island which requires the utmost urgency and importance and Harbour Village hopes that the OLB will support its initiative and proposal towards this major part of Bonaire tourism infrastructure.

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