Heart for Bonaire Foundation and Buddy Dive Resort take action after increased drownings

Heart for Bonaire Foundation and Buddy Dive Resort take action after increased drownings

KRALENDIJK – In the last two weeks there have been four fatalities on and around the water in a short period of time. Concerned by this development, the management of Buddy Dive Resort has sought advice from the ‘Hart voor Bonaire’ Foundation.

”It is known that a lot of tourists – especially from the cruise ships visiting our island – really want to go into the sea, both above and below water. Unfortunately, people are not always physically able to do this. The lack of fitness, combined with stress and obesity, often leads to shortness of breath and sometimes worse to cardiac arrest.” According to chairman Robert van Dongen, dentist and active diver himself:

MD Marianne Voesten, doctor and chief instructor in Basic Life Support and AED training, adds: “In the event of a cardiac arrest, it is essential to immediately start chest compressions to prevent oxygen deficiency followed by irreparable brain damage. The use of an AED, an Automatic External Defibrillator can be crucial in reactivating the heart. The presence of regularly trained personnel and the immediate availability of an AED on every ship that carries tourists is indispensable. The argument that bystanders of the dry or wet patient when using an AED also receive a shock could get is a myth.”

Dive boats

Based on this advice, Buddy Dive Bonaire has started installing AEDs on all of its dove boats.

“Of course we hope that this good example will be followed by all water sports companies here. Our goal is to make Bonaire a heart-safe island. We are highly dependent on tourism. The concern for the tourist, including for his health, which is reflected by this action, can be a decisive factor in the decision-making process of where to spend the holidays,” says van Dongen.

The Heart for Bonaire Foundation is affiliated with the Dutch Resuscitation Council, which maintains a list of offered resuscitation training – also on Bonaire.

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