Hennyson Thielman named new party leader MPB effective immediately

Thielman was already heading the list for the March 15 elections, but has now also been named as overall party leader for the MPB.

KRALENDIJK – In a somewhat surprising move, the MPB decided on Sunday to appoint party leader Hennyson Thielman as general leader of the party.

Current political leader, Elvis Tjin Asjoe, was appointed as the chairman of the board of the party on the same date. “With the appointment of Hennyson Thielman as the new political leader of the party, the MPB fulfills the desire of the island’s residents to create new leaders and a new form of leadership,” the MPB said in a press statement on Sunday evening.

The blue party also says in a statement that it feels that Thielmand has been able to grow in his role as deputy in recent years, and has shown himself to be a natural leader and connector in recent weeks. “The last step is therefore to put him fully into his role,” said the MPB press statement.

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