Hit-and-run claims two donkey lives on Bonaire

The accident caused a literal bloodbath. Photos: Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – A collision between a pickup truck and two donkeys on Kaya Essequibo in Tera Cora, on Wednesday afternoon, resulted in the death of both donkeys. One donkey was killed instantly. The second donkey had to be euthanized by the attending veterinarian to end its suffering.

The driver who caused the collision fled the scene of the accident. Another road user alerted the Donkey Sanctuary. According to the Donkey Sanctuary, the involved driver also managed to take a photo of the pickup truck that caused the tragedy.

The accident and the driver’s hit-and-run behaviour have sparked outrage on the island.

Regular Occurrence

Stray donkeys are regularly killed in traffic accidents on the island. Often, excessive speed or reckless driving behaviour is the cause of these accidents.

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