Hospitality students Bonaire receive certificates

A group of students together with commissioners Thielman and Craane (r ) and trainer Maraguanela Martis (l). Photo: Bonaire Government

KRALENDIJK- Last Thursday, 44 students received their diplomas after completing a Hospitality training provided by Fundashon FORMA.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) and the institute for second-chance education. The courses enhance the participants’ prospects in the job market.

Commissioner Thielman, under whose auspices the program was developed, is pleased with the success of the training. “It is important for our visitors to see familiar faces when they return to the island. That is why we want to give our residents the opportunity for better jobs and more appreciation in their work.”

Current Commissioner of Economy and Tourism, Jolinda Craane, is also enthusiastic. “These people are very important for Bonaire. I hope that everyone will benefit greatly from what they have learned. I also hope that they can continue to grow in their development and income.”

New courses will start soon as part of the ongoing program.

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