In Bonaire: Government visits various Establishments to ensure Compliance with Covid-rules

Employees of Supervision & Enforcement during one of their controls. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk – Since 1 October, the Supervision & Enforcement Directorate of the Government of Bonaire has intensively checked compliance with the new corona measures.

According to a press release sent out Sunday morning, the majority of establishments visited do comply with the instructions.

Some bars and restaurants however, so far do not always adhere to mandatory closing time. Some companies also continued to sell from behind the counter after 10pm, which is not allowed. According to the information from Government, the importance of complying with the measures was once against discussed with the companies in question.


Companies not complying to the decreed regulations can receive a fine up to 3000 dollars per violation. In case of repeated violations of the rules, the case can be temporarily closed. The Government points out that customer registration is important, so that people can be warned if an infection has occurred somewhere.

The Supervision & Enforcement Directorate also visited 30 hairdressers and beauty salons, supermarkets and mini markets and provided information about the current Covid measures. Shops in particular are additionally checked whether they are complying with the price freeze, which has been in place since the start of the corona crisis.


Just like many other places, the office of Supervision and Enforcement is working from home as much as possible, which does not prevent them from carrying out checks at the various establishments.

Residents who want to report issues of non-compliance can call 715 5300. More information about the measures can also be found at the special website The Public Health Department can be called on 0800 0800.

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