In Bonaire: No Positive Cases found with Drive-thru Covid Testing

A drive-thru test in progress at the drive-thru on the grounds of the Fundashon Mariadal. Photo: RCN

Kralendijk- A total of 190 people were tested for COVID-19 via the COVID Drive-Thru on Bonaire between April, 14th and April, 21th. So far, not one single test has turned out to be positive.

Including the tests done by means of the COVID Drive-Thru, in total 228 people have now been tested on Bonaire until April 24th : 190 via the drive-thru and 38 by the general practitioner.

No positive case was found among the 190 people tested via the COVID Drive-Thru. Of the 38 people who were tested by the general practitioner, 2 people tested positive for COVID-19. These 2 persons have now recovered and are doing well.

Due to the large number of people tested in the COVID Drive-Thru (190 people is almost 1% of the population of Bonaire), authorities feel more confident that the virus does not actively circulate on Bonaire.

Safer test environment

Fundashon Mariadal believes that the advantage the COVID Drive-Thru brought, is that a safe test environment could be offered with privacy, where people could immediately register for the test, even if there were minor health problems.

The COVID Drive-Thru opened on Tuesday April, 14th and would remain open through Friday April 17th, which was later extended until Tuesday April 21nd.

Most people were tested on Thursday and Friday afternoon. These tests were performed at the request of the general practitioner, based on the case definition. This case definition was: fever and / or cough and respiratory complaints in combination with a trip to a risk area or contact with a COVID-19 patient.

The Fundashon Mariadal test team and the Public Health department are satisfied with the working method followed and the response from society.

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