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Indebon suspends lighting at a number of sports fields

KRALENDIJK- In connection with the approaching holidays, Indebon has decided to temporarily suspend lighting at a number of sports fields.

The head of the Indebon, Terrence de Jong, has indicated that December 18, 2021 will be the last day on which there will be lighting at certain sports fields for this year. The sports fields where there is temporarily no lighting are the Kralendijk stadium, the Elio Flores sports field, Jossy Boekhoudt Ballpark and Julio Angela Ballpark (Little League). The areas where the lights will continue to be turned on are the Johan Cruyff Court in Tera Kòrá, the Sylvio “Chio” Semeleer mini-sports field in Nort’i Saliña and the Johan Cruyff Court Luciano “Boy” Frans in Rincon.


According to De Jong, it has been decided to illuminate these sports fields, so that young people from these neighbourhoods can continue to practice their sport during their holiday. From Monday 10 January 2022, the lighting will be turned on again at all sports fields. Indebon says they wish all sportspeople Happy Holidays.

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