International Court of Human Rights rejects claim on AOV equalization

KRALENDIJK – Former politician Will Johnson and lawyer Michiel Bijkerk have once again caught up with the case that revolves around the alignment of the AOV on the BES islands with the AOW in the Netherlands.

The duo, initially together with two others residents – now deceased – filed a case with the request to the Court to order the Netherlands to equalize the level of the AOV-BES with the level of the AOW in the Netherlands. Last week Bijkerk received the message that the Court has rejected the request.

“We lost the case. Of course this is a sensitive blow. It is not yet clear what consequences this will have. We must first understand the seriousness of this decision. We all now know that the Netherlands has defended this inequality all the way to the International Court,” said Bijkerk. The lawyer takes the decision seriously. “The Netherlands has defended inequality between the Dutch in the Netherlands and the Dutch in BES. This while we live in the same country”.


Bijkerk points out that the Court of Appeal was not unanimous in its decision. One of the judges, Gentian Zyberi, had a dissenting opinion, which was also substantiated it. Bijkerk says that he finds the opinion of this judge particularly interesting and that he is also pleased that at least one judge understands why the differentiation would be wrong.

Bijkerk says it is still studying the matter and considering further action. According to the lawyer, it is now important to support the lawsuit that consumer organization Unkobon wants to bring to the European Court.

“This case again defends that there cannot be two levels of human rights in one country. Now that Bonaire is an integral part of the Netherlands, all human rights must be equalized,” says Bijkerk.

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