Island Council adapts motion in favor of direct money transfer services

KRALENDIJK- The Island Council of Bonaire has unanimously passed a motion calling for the reintroduction of services that allow for quick money transfers abroad, known as direct transfers. 

In the past, Bonaire had access to both MoneyGram services offered by MCB Bank and the post office, as well as the services of Western Union, a global financial service provider that offers immediate transfers. 

After 10/10/10, these services disappeared from the island reportedly because the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) considered direct transfer services to be high-risk, particularly for the transfer of illicit funds. 


However, the motion of the Island Council rightly points out that such services are available in the Netherlands, in practically every city in the country. The motion also considers the need and convenience for many parents with children studying abroad to be able to make quick money transfers. 

Furthermore, the motion states that many foreign workers on the island face difficulties in sending money to their families. The lack of available services poses significant challenges, especially for employees of foreign origin. Even if they have their own bank accounts, beneficiaries abroad may not always have access to such accounts. 

The motion, submitted by Council Member Dirks (UPB), calls on the executive council to conduct an investigation into the possibilities of reintroducing these services.

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