Island Council Bonaire continues debate on changes to Visitor Entry Tax

The adaptations should -among others-make day trips and visits to surrounding islands less expensive. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The Standing Committee B&O of the Island Council has already held two meetings this week to discuss desired changes to the tax that non-residents must pay upon entering the island. The proposed changes stem from two evaluations of the existing system, which revealed various issues.

The Executive Council would prefer to completely overhaul the existing regulation to establish a new and more balanced system, but also acknowledges the desirability of addressing the most significant shortcomings of the existing regulation in the short term.

The main intended changes include a redefinition of who may be considered an island child, separate rates – or even exemptions – in the case of sports events, and an extended validity period of the QR code after payment of the Visitor Entry Tax (VET). The latter is mainly to alleviate tourists who make trips to the neighbouring islands during their holiday on Bonaire. Additionally, a so-called ‘day trippers’ rate is high on the wish list.

July 1st

The Executive Council aims, together with the Island Council, to implement the changes by July 1, 2024.

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