Island Council Bonaire seeks budget amendment for financing BONLAB

KRALENDIJK – The island council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) intends to reserve an amount of 2.5 million dollars for the necessary financing of BONLAB, the laboratory owned by the local government but is under pressure due to the stance of Youth and Care Caribbean Netherlands (ZJCN), which prefers the laboratory to be integrated into Fundashon Mariadal. 

The entire situation surrounding BONLAB occasionally led to heated discussions among the members of the Island Council and the Executive Council. The Executive Council rejected accusations that it was neglecting the situation at BONLAB. Ultimately, a request for an amendment was submitted by 5 members of the Island Council to transfer 2.5 million dollars from the general reserve to the designated reserve for BONLAB expenses, thereby securing at least the salary costs. 


Before the Island Council can vote on the amendment proposal, a request for urgent advice must first be made to the Board of Financial Superision (Cft), which should provide its advice within three days.

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