Island Council members Bonaire on a seven-week recess following European trip

KRALENDIJK – Those who were expecting significant activity from the local parliament in the period from June to mid-August will most likely be disappointed.

After an almost two-week European trip, including visits to the Finnish archipelago of Åland, The Hague, Groningen, and Schiermonnikoog, the councillors are now heading into their recess, which will last from June 19th to August 11th.

According to a press release from the island’s Parliament, no meetings will be held during this recess period. However, councillors will be conducting work visits and engaging in discussions with organizations and citizens.

Maintenance work 

During the recess period, necessary renovation work will be carried out at the Pasangrahan, limiting the physical accessibility of the Island Council and Secretariat until mid-August.

However, contact can still be made via phone and/or email at +599 715 53 52 and/or 

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