Island Governor Rijna discusses Bonaire’s safety with partners in the Netherlands

Island Governor Rijna discusses Bonaire's safety with partners in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE- During a working visit to The Hague, Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna at the Ministry of Justice and Security held consultations with Ms Monique Commelin, recently appointed Director of Police Policy and Task Performance, also Deputy Director-General of Police and Security Regions, and Marco Haas, Program Manager International and Caribbean Affairs at the Ministry of Justice and Security.

The discussion discussed, among other things, the development of both the Fire Brigade and the Dutch Caribbean Police Force, the maritime hub that will be opened on Bonaire later this year and the Regional Information and Expertise Center (RIEC) to be set up for the benefit of the Caribbean Netherlands.


Lieutenant Governor Rijna applauds the arrival of both facilities because they make an important contribution to increasing the security of Bonaire.

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