Island governor Rijna does not understand motion about neutral voting behaviour

KRALENDIJK- Island Governor Edison Rijna says he is surprised by the motion that was passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday, underlining that Island Governors must adopt a neutral stance when voting in the Executive Council, especially when it comes to granting permits or applying permits. changes in the zoning plan.

“I have taken note of the motion in question. I will ask for advice on this and get back on this in due course with a response,” said Rijna on Friday afternoon.

Rijna seemingly does not understand how the motion came into being in the first place. “The motion only refers to island governors and not mayors, while both fulfil the same role within the Council. Furthermore, the neutrality of the lieutenant governor is not in question for me. By definition, the island governor has a neutral role in the Executive Council. I also act from that neutral role,” said Rijna.


Finally, Rijna said that he would consult with his colleague on Saba about the adopted motion. “I will consult with my colleague of Saba for a joint response to this motion,” said Rijna.

While Rijna says he does not understand the adopted motion, political observers on the island certainly do. They see a direct connection with the controversial voting behaviour of Rijna about the granting of a building permit for Sunset Beach Resort. 

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