James Cyril Hassell retires

James Cyril Hassell with next to him his daughter Graciella Hassell, who cuts the cake during a small reception for Hassell on the occasion of his retirement.

The Bottom, SABA—On Tuesday, December 18, the Public Entity Saba gave special recognition to civil servant Cyrel Hassell, who is retiring on December 31, 2018 at the age of 68, almost 69.

What makes this recognition so special is the fact that Hassell, a construction worker at the Public Works Department and better known as Cyril from Hell’s Gate, continued to work after his pensionable age of 60, some nine years ago. Hassell wanted to keep working for the government, and has done so on contract. His specialty is building walls, a job that according to others he is very good at. Being a hard worker, he has always been an inspiration to others. 

Hassell, who was born on January 7, 1949, commenced working for the then Island Territory Saba on his birthday on January 7, 1965, at the age of 16. He first job was at Windwardside in the area of Over the Fort Road, the road leading down to Juliana’s Hotel. He temporarily stopped working for government in 1968 and moved to St. Maarten where he worked until 1969.

Hassell commenced working back at the Saba government in 1970 and stayed on until 1992, when he took a job at EFB Construction. In 2000, he worked with the construction company BBW and in 2001 with HES Construction. In 2003, Hassell was back working for the government, where he remained until now.   

James Cyril Hassell with Island Governor Jonathan Johnson (at left), Hassell’s daughter Graciella Hassell and Head of the Public Works Department Russell Thielman (right).

A retirement ceremony was held for Hassell with family and co-workers on Tuesday, December 18 at the Government Administration Building. Hassell, who lives in Zion’s Hill and is married to Patricia Hassell, received a small token of appreciation from the Public Entity Saba, presented by Head of Personnel Affairs Miguela Gumbs.

Government organized a small reception for Hassell. His daughter Graciella Hassell was present, as were all members of the Executive Council, Head of Personnel Affairs Gumbs, Head of Public Works Russell Thielman, Hassell’s team leader André Marten and colleagues from the construction department that he worked with for many years.

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