Joint control on the construction site in Sabadeco by Kmar, KPCN and Labour Inspectorate CN

On November 23rd, 2017 control action was carried out at a construction site in Sabadeco. The action was jointly carried out by the Kmar KPCN and Labour Inspectorate CN. With this a total of 15 workers were checked for valid documents.

The action was carried out under the supervision of compliance with the provisions in or under the foreign nationals (employment) Act BES and the law admission and expulsion BES.

During control the following emerged:

• Four workers on location could not prove they have a work permit. They were taken by Police to the Police Station and had to subsequently prove to have valid work permits. The Police will arrange for further processing.

• One worker did have a residence status but no work permit. He was no longer allowed on the construction site and is not allowed to work.

• Two employees have neither a work permit nor a residence status. These two workers are therefore illegal on the island. The Police will handle further processing.

The Labour Inspectorate CN will continue to file a report with Police against the employer regarding the illegality.

All parties involved look back on a well-coordinated and successful action.

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