Jorien Wuite (D66) Opts Out of Upcoming Second Chamber Elections

MP Jorien Wuite (D66) during her work for Dutch Parliament. Photo: Jorien Wuite

THE HAGUE – Jorien Wuite (D66) announced on Wednesday through her private LinkedIn account that she will not be running in the forthcoming Dutch Parliament elections. 

In the preceding 2.5 years, Wuite proudly led the charge in advocating for Culture and Kingdom Relations while simultaneously heading the Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation committee, all fueled by the driving ideals of D66. Notable accomplishments encompass post-pandemic revitalization of the cultural sector and parliamentary endorsement for the television and film industry, as articulated by Wuite. She further emphasized her active championing of an inclusive cultural sector that nurtures the growth of young creators, founded on trust-driven innovation. Her efforts extended to campaigning for a Social Minimum in the Caribbean Netherlands, solidifying Kingdom relationships, and commemorating historical apologies.

“Despite these accomplishments, the impending elections have led me to the challenging decision of refraining from seeking re-election in November, with the aspiration of witnessing new Caribbean candidates. Grateful for the support I’ve received, I am committed to remaining dedicated until November and beyond, nurturing the Kingdom’s resilience, advocating for global cultural diplomacy, and underscoring the importance of education, art, and culture,” concluded Wuite. 

Regret Echoes

Wuite’s decision has elicited a sense of regret within the islands’ communities. Alongside Sylvana Simmons of Bij1, who has also decided against running in the upcoming elections, Wuite stood out as one of the most fervent advocates for positive change on the BES and CAS islands.

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