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Judge Hears Case of Deposed Government; Verdict December 11th

A view of the disposed government coalition and some supporters on the day of the hearing.
KG inzake overname macht Statia

A view of the disposed government coalition and supporters this morning.

Oranjestad- Judge Van den Burg this morning heard the case of the injunction of the deposed PLP/Merkman Government against Dutch Government. The hearing of the case took about 1 hour and 40 minutes and took place on St. Eustatius.

The judge will give her verdict in the case on December 11, 2018. This morning it also became clear that the Dutch Government has asked for a further stay in the court case started by the same government, a so called “bodem procedure”. The fact that The Netherlands had asked for a stay in the case which will see a more profound treatment, was one of the reasons for the deposed government to file an injunction against the Dutch Government.

The judge granted the stay requested by The Hague and will now hear the initial case also on December 11, 2018.

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