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Justice Triangle: threatening of Officers by no means tolerated

The Justice Triangle in a video-taped press statement related to a shooting incident involving off-duty police officers.

Kralendijk- The so-called Justice Triangle on Bonaire, formed by the local head of Police, lieutenant governor Edison Rijna, Chief of Police Jose Rosales and public prosecutor Henry Hambeukers says that the threatening of police officer, be it on- or off-duty will not be tolerated.

Warning shots
The statement by the Triangle was made last Wednesday, December 21, in response to a situation where off-duty police officers at a local night club fired warning shots in the air when they felt threatened by a group of visitors of the establishment. The men in question threatened the officers amongst others with bottles, when these tried to arrest one or more persons at the night club suspected of carrying an illegal fire arm. “I have said it before, but I will say it again” said Hambeukers. “The police are there for protection of the citizens. A police officer should, at any time, be able to respond to a situation which can be threatening. We do not accept that they themselves become the target of violence or threatening behavior” said the Chief of the Public Prosecutors office for the BES-islands.

Careful with emotions and too much alcohol
Lieutenant governor Rijna said he underscored the comments made by Hambeukers and at the same time made an appeal to the public to cooperate with police and avoid situations which could get out of hand. ‘We are entering the period of Christmas and New Year. I appeal on everyone to keep their heads cool and to be mindful of their intake of alcohol”. Critical observers have posed questions as to what off-duty officer would be doing at a night club at 4 AM, carrying their fire arms. The Triangle however has not given any statements related to the presence of the officers in the nightclub in question. It is not clear as of yet if further investigation will take place into the incident. It is also still unclear if off-duty officers in plain clothes can carry their weapon or not. Questions by the BES-Reporter to the communications officer of KPCN pertaining this issue were not immediately answered.

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