Karel’s Beach Bar project can finally be completed after thirteen years interruption

KRALENDIJK- On Friday afternoon, a sign was unveiled at Karel’s Beach Bar indicating that work on the pier project can finally be completed, after an interruption of no less than thirteen years.

A somewhat emotional owner said that the road to the permit and thus the completion of the project had been very long. “Although we thought from the start that all permits were in order, organizations such as STINAPA and the Public Prosecutor’s Office thought differently”, said Karel Visser. The project was halted 13 years ago, under threat of a fine of $50,000 per day that construction would continue. 

Visser now expects the project to be completed around August 2022.


The total investment will soon run into the millions. According to Visser, the costs incurred so far are 1.6 million. “And now, to finalize the project, we expect to spend a handsome amount to complete it.”.

Visser thanked several people who contributed to the project and continued to believed in it. “Several of these people are no longer alive today but I am grateful to them for their support to make this project a reality.” Visser also thanked Commissioner James Kroon for his continuing support for over ten years. 

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