Kick off for Renovation of Slaughterhouse Bonaire

Kralendijk – With the unveiling of a sign in front of the building on Kaminda Lagun, a symbolic starting signal was given for the renovation of Bonaire’s slaughter house. After the renovation, Bonaire will once again have a slaughterhouse that meets all modern requirements in the field of food safety and public health. More attention will also be paid to the welfare of the animals that are brought there.

The slaughterhouse is an important part of the recently established Veterinary Department. Since the signing of the administrative agreement in 2018, the Public Entity Bonaire and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality have agreed to renovate the slaughterhouse. By setting up a veterinary department, the Public Entity Bonaire provides a better service to the population. This goes hand in hand with the plan to professionalize goat farming and agriculture.

The order to renovate the slaughterhouse has been given by the Public Entity Bonaire. The Public Entity and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality are jointly paying for the renovation. The new slaughterhouse was designed by Streefkerk + Architects, who will also lead the renovation.

The renovation of the slaughterhouse is being carried out by Dimi Construction bv. The work will start in the third quarter of this year. The new slaughterhouse should be ready next year.

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