Kingdom partners hold Integrity Summit in Curaçao

Participants and facilitators to the Summit: Photo: RCN

WILLEMSTAD – The “Integrity Summit Dutch Caribbean” held in Curaçao from October 30 to November 3 brought together participants from various organizations across the Caribbean part of the Kingdom and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK). 

The summit aimed to enhance expertise in integrity and promote collaboration among these entities.

Key outcomes of the summit include the agreement to establish a platform for sharing best practices and daily experiences in order to raise expertise levels and promote integrity collaboration within the Kingdom. About 30 participants from 15 government organizations agreed to create this platform, which will include both autonomous countries and the Caribbean Netherlands. The emphasis will be on expertise enhancement at the local level.

Vital step

The event featured notable speakers and addressed the significance of integrity in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The summit is considered a vital step in fostering integrity in the region and received positive feedback from participants. The primary objective of the conference was to facilitate mutual understanding and enhance the expertise of various government bodies, agencies, and organizations to address issues related to integrity, including fraud, corruption, and misconduct. 

The summit was organized by the Ministry of BZK and a local agency specializing in integrity and compliance, and it is seen as a promising start to further collaboration in the future.

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