Kingdom representative finally takes action and reprimands BC Bonaire and Saba

KRALENDIJK – Deputy State Representative Jan Helmond has finally taken some highly needed action and demands an action plan from the executive councils of Bonaire and Saba regarding the publication of Executive Council decisions.

“Transparency and accountability are essential for good public governance and for the trust between society and the government. That is also the reason rules have been agreed upon regarding the disclosure of government decisions, including decisions made by the executive councils of the Public Bodies Bonaire, Saba, and Sint-Eustatius. These rules are, among others, stipulated in the WolBES and the Bekendmakingswet (Publication Law),” writes Helmond in his letter.

Helmond also indicates that during the recent VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities) congress, he was approached by several council members expressing their concerns about the difficult and limited flow of information from the executive council to the island council.

Furthermore, Helmond notes that it is not only important to inform the respective island councils but also the citizens. “In addition to providing information to the island council, it is crucial that residents, businesses, and organizations on the islands can transparently access the decisions made by the executive council.”

Action Plan

While diplomatically phrased, Helmond demands that both executive councils come up with an action plan to improve the situation. “Given the importance of a prompt implementation, I kindly request you to share the action plan with me before October 1, 2023. I realize that this involves specialized matters. If I can assist you in this process by providing knowledge or capacity, I am more than willing to discuss this with you.”

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