Koos Sneek is CDA candidate #49 for Second Chamber elections

Koos Sneek on CDA-list for elections of Dutch Second Chamber

Koos Sneek participates as number 49 on the candidate list of the Christen Democratisch Appèl at the upcoming elections for Dutch Parliament.

As a result of the cooperation between the Dutch Christen Democratisch Appel (CDA) party and DP Statia, DP island councilman Koos Sneek, will be taking part in the elections on the slate of the CDA in the March 15 elections for the Dutch Second Chamber. Sneek has been placed as candidate number 49 on the list of CDA. Sneek says that as such, he hopes to get the support from voters on the islands of St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire.

Sneek states that the CDA election program pays special attention to the plight of the three islands and that the party believes The Netherlands have a special responsibility for the BES islands. The Second Chamber is also the representation for inhabitants of the 3 islands. Sneeks says that the CDA focusses on improvement of the economic perspective, the infrastructure and poverty alleviation.
According to Sneek, CDA also believes that rules and regulations implemented on the BES-islands have often lead to increased and unnecessary bureaucracy. Also, the party is of the opinion that where The Netherlands assists with investments, there should also be sufficient budget secured in order to maintain those investments. The party believes the local governments, together with the national government are responsible for proper governance on the islands.

As CDA is currently expected to get around 16 seats, the chance of Sneek actually being elected as member of the Second Chamber is next to zero, unless he would score a huge number of personal votes.

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